Mobile DJ Contract Worksheet (click to print)

Daniel Seny Mobile DJ

36514 Turner Dr.

Palmdale Ca. 93550


Contract Date:___________________

Requestor Name______________________________________

Name of Organization___________________________________

Billing Name__________________________________________

Billing Address_________________________________________

Phone#___________________________ 2nd #__________________________

Type of Event____________________________

Event Date_______________ Event Day__________________

Start Time___________End Time____________Total Time____________

Event Location_________________________ Inside___Outside____Stairs______


Estimated Number of Guests_____________ Age Group_______to________

What type of music do you think you and your guest would like to hear? List on line below. (A music request LOG sheet will be provided for you. You are also welcome to provide us with your own records, tapes and compact discs of your own special request. These will be returned to you upon the conclusion of the engagement.)

Please circle selection(s): 40’s     50’s     60’s     70’s     80’s     90’s     Top 40     R&B     Country

Alternative Rock     Classic Rock     Hip Hop     Rap     Disco     Reggae     Other__________

What is the guest attire (circle one): Casual     Semi-formal     Formal

Do you need more than one microphone? If so list how many_________

Will food be provided for the DJ’s? (circle one) Yes No

Price $______________________   Authorization Signature____________________________

Daniel Seny Mobile DJ Signature            ____________________________

All prices quoted are based on a cash purchase. We use Paypal for credit card or check payment

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