Recent photos of a wedding DJ ceremony setup taken by the wedding DJ and MC and the wedding DJ assistant. For the wedding DJ ceremony setup we use the B-52 Matrix 600 PA system  which includes a built-in 7-channel mixer/amplifier with additional Inputs for musicians, guitarists, etc., two 10″ 3-way satellite speakers on stands along with a wired mic, wireless mic, mic stand and a laptop computer using DJ software to play the bride and groom prelude, processional, ceremony and recessional musical selections.

We use professional grade sound and audio equipment so that the wedding officiant, the “saying of the vows”, exchanging of the rings, etc can be heard throughout the ceremony area, no matter where your wedding guests are seated or standing. 

Wedding DJ Ceremony Setup

Wedding DJ Ceremony Setup

We can accommodate all your wedding ceremony ideas, such as;

  • Order of ceremony processional and wedding party.
  • Songs for wedding prelude, processional, ceremony and recessional
  • Special ceremony traditions that may need to be worked in
  • Additional sound/equipment requirements such as microphones for readers/singers.


(note: We use two separate equipment setups; one for the ceremony and one for the wedding reception).


“Its the DJ That Makes The Difference”

Hire a Party DJ / Wedding DJ & MC – Call for availability and custom rates

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Wedding DJ Business Card  


Wedding DJ Business Card




“Its the DJ That Makes The Difference”

Hire a Party DJ / Wedding DJ & MC – Call for availability and custom rates

Daniel Seny DJ Entertainment – 661-860-6856 –












Poll: Do we really need a Wedding DJ? Post a comment.

Today, the trendy topic is DIY receptions which uses an ipod and a rented sound system instead of a professional wedding DJ. This idea is fraught with peril, because a great event is more than simply gear and music. It is the talent that a qualified professional brings to the event which matters most.

A professional DJ that is a member of the ADJA allows for a smooth flow to the event, with no embarrassing surprises. A Professional DJ from the ADJA can provide you with confidence that your event will flow smoothly and will be an event that you, your family and guests will never forget, instead of one they would like to.

No : (24 votes) 37 %

YES!! : (39 votes) 60 %

Originally my FI and I were planning on having an iPod reception with my brother (who is also a groomsman) largely managing the music. We didn’t think it would take THAT much management since we would have pre-made playlists etc. Then we are planning on asking one of my older second cousins to be the Wedding MC.

But reading through the wedding forums is making me second-guess these decisions! Sounds like a good Wedding DJ is pretty important when it comes to having a fun reception, which we definitely want to have! At the same time, our budget is getting tight and I’m not sure what I’d wiggle around to make room for the DJ…

Do we really need a Wedding DJ? Anyone else out there have an iPod/playlist wedding and have some good tips and/ success stories?


1. We had major success with our playlist wedding. We had about 50 guests and all enjoyed and complimented us on the music choice. I did not have an ipod but we used grooveshark and it was up and loud and clear through our whole reception.

It takes time, a little bit of careful planning to have dance beats amid slow, happy songs people can tune out during the meal if they wish. But since it was free… for us it was totally worth it. People danced, had a good time.

If you really want a Wedding DJ go for it, or if you feel your guests won’t dance without one … go for it. It really depends on you and your hubby and your guests, I think. But for us, it worked quite well.

2. You absolutely do not need a Wedding DJ! DH and I had an iPod wedding, and it was perfect! We chose all the songs ourselves, had a some help with a more musically-minded friend in arranging them in a great way, and only spent $200 to rent a sound system. I’d definitely do it all over again in a heartbeat!

3. I never really understood the point to a Wedding DJ… until we had one. Ours really made our reception memorable. He also took lots of stress away from me because he made the playlists– and they were perfect! I just didn’t have the time, and I really trusted him.

Also, our Wedding DJ threw in extras… like lighting that would have cost $600, had we gone through our venue.

He was so professional but kind and understanding that I couldn’t imagine our wedding without him.

All that said, all that’s necessary for a wedding are the bride, groom, (or bride and bride or groom and groom… just two concenting adults) and a couple I dos.

Don’t second guess yourself because of other people. If you’re happy with your playlists, but all means, let the iPod play on!

4. Is your brother a super peppy person? Could he be an Wedding MC-too? It doesn’t cost much to rent a microphone, but I think a Wedding DJ or Wedding MC is needed to do introductions, announce special dances or events, and to keep the speeches going. But, anyone with a great voice and fun personality could do it!

We are not having a Wedding DJ and doing an IPod playlist instead. Our MC is our officiant/groomsman. He’s got an infectious personality and knows us so well. He also has some MC experience working at a bar.

5. I did an ipod wedding and it turned out really well. We set up the playlists in advance, which took some work, but everything went smoothly day of

6. If you aren’t having a Wedding DJ, you’ll need someone to MC…to announce you, to get the crowd dancing, etc.

7. I voted yes. Not having a DJ never even crossed my mind. I genuinely feel that entertainment can make or break an event and I didn’t want to gamble with the possibilities that something would malfunction. I know that DJ’s can have issues as well but at least you’re dealing with a professional who should have some kind of backup in place.

I know someone who had an iPod reception and it didn’t go as planned. The sound system malfunctioned during the cocktail hour so they got about 20 minutes of music in before it crapped out. It took the FOB & multiple GM over 2 hours to fix it and this was after they had to make a Radio Shack run to get a replacement part. After the sound system was fixed the music played flawlessly for about an hour or so until it was time for the specialty dances. Apparently the songs weren’t in the correct order so the couple danced their first dance to the song that they chose for their cake cutting. The person who was designated to MC for the evening got hammered and screwed up pretty much everything that he was supposed to do. He even pronounced their last name wrong. The bride was none too pleased.

I didn’t post this to scare you out of having an iPod wedding, I just think you should hear some stories from the other side. I’m sure an iPod wedding can be awesome but when you’re relying on a playlist and non professionals, it is a gamble.

8. I agree we looked into a Wedding DJ and there were some nice ‘perks’ if you were willing or wanting to pay for it, lighting , etc being one of them. So if you’re into that and want a nice easy all in one sort of deal, try to find a DJ who does all that, it’s worth the price esp if you are doing lighting on your own.

9. I’ve been to both – a wedding without a DJ and many that have had a DJ. Honestly, I wouldn’t consider not having one – they really do make or break the party. The one we went to without a DJ was just kind of boring – nobody really felt like getting up to dance. DJs are able to mix music, keep the party going, they can read the crowd to see what people are doing and the appropriate music to play.

I’ve in love with the DJ we chose for our wedding – I’ve been to 3 other weddings that have used him and he is fantastic! He’s also serving as sort of our wedding coordinator – he got married at the same venue as me which is a HUGE plus – he’s handling all our music for the ceremony, the cocktail hour, and for the reception – he’s bringing special lighting and doing all the announcements to keep the party rolling – introductions, cake cutting, etc. He will help coordinate with the videographer (also from his company) and our photographer (different vendor) to make sure everyone knows what’s happening when it’s happening which is really important to me as I want to make sure all the important parts get captured.

I can’t imagine having the stress of all of that to deal with and it’s so nice to not have to worry about it on the day of. If you can spare the extra money, I’d really recommend having a DJ/MC that knows what they’re doing – they usually bring all their own equipment as well as microphones for the ceremony, toasts, etc.

Do we really need a Wedding DJ?

10. We did not have a DJ for our wedding and it went really well.

Here are some things that I think made things go so smoothly for us:

We used a laptop instead of an ipod to make it easier to switch between playlists.

We had a great sound system.

We made each segment (cocktails, dinner, cake cutting, first dance, dancing etc) its own playlist and had a backup computer. We also chose additional slow and fast songs that we could speed things up or slow things down anytime we wanted.

Having a great MC is crucial. We had a groomsman who was perfect for this. (If we didn’t have him as MC the night would not have gone as well)

We also had someone to keep an eye on the laptop to make sure things ran smoothly and to switch between playlists.

We made a detailed timeline for our friends who MC’d and ran the sound system so that they knew when things were happening, what we wanted said and what songs/list should be played.

That being said, I have seen an ipod wedding that did not work well, mainly due to a bad sound system (we could barely hear the music) and no MC. Both ipod and DJ have ther advantages and disadvantages. If you go with a Dj be sure to find a good one, not just the cheapest.

11. I think it totally depends on the size of / ambiance at your wedding. If it’s fairly small and not massively formal then you could get away with an ipod reception!

12. I have never been to a wedding without a DJ but I did hear a horror story about one. My cousin attended an iPod wedding and said that the sound system kept malfunctioning, there was too much of a gap between songs, and the playlist just didn’t flow right. She said that her and her husband along with many other guests ended up leaving way early because they were bored. Personally, I would want a Wedding DJ there as one less thing I had to worry about on a day that I will have a ton of crap to worry about.

DJ’s can flop too though, and so can bands so it really just depends. Every wedding is different. I believe it can be pulled off though. The last wedding I went to I kind of wished it was an iPod wedding. The DJ sucked!!

13. I think depending on how many guests you plan to have and the vibe you’re trying to go for, it’s fine to have one or not.

14. I have mixed feelings about iPod weddings. We are not having a dance, so you bet all our background music will be on iPod – why would I hire someone to put together background music? But often it is useful to have someone coordinate the dance – I can’t imagine trying to pick the popular songs and sort that out.

15. It sounds very similar to my wedding and we have got a DJ just for acoustics really. Of all the things that cost a lot in weddings, I think DJ’s aren’t one of the bigger expenses so if you think you may look back and regret it, maybe find one that’s in your budget 🙂

16. girl you have to get a DJ! its entertainment for your guests i would say yes only because I’m the type of girl who loves music and the DJ can have your schedule and take some worries off your back and it’s nice to let a professional take care of things. If you are in really tight budget yes you can do ipod wedding or Pandora just make sure its well organized!

17. My MOH opted for a Ipod and playlist and it was just chaotic. No one knew where to be, when to do what etc. She really needed someone with a microphone to take charge and tell the guests what to do etc. Her wedding was about 40 people and even then it was awkward without directions.

You don’t necessarily need a DJ if you can find someone to take this role. It is just a huge help especially if you are having a large wedding.

18. For me, yes, I can’t imagine NOT having one. It’s just one less thing to stress about on the big day – I don’t want to have to worry about who’s announcing what, the music or speakers malfunctioning, etc.

19. Yes!!! Wedding DJ is a Must!!! For U that is!! I’m a firm believer in enjoying ur day to the MAX! Ive heard a few horror stories too for IPod weddings, but someone very close to me had a successful IPod wedding! but for me, I’m def having a DJ, it’ll help U not stress about making sure the songs are right, and that way ur brother can enjoy ur wedding too! He’s someone very close to u, so i think he should be enjoying and making sure others are having a good time, instead of at some corner manning the music… With a Wedding DJ/MC it helps U concentrate on all the other things that will be going thru ur mind that day… One less thing to worry about!! and will give u more time to enjoy all the other beautiful things about ur wedding!!


After talking to a lot of people and reading through all the responses to this thread I just thought I’d let you all know we’ve decided to go with a DJ. More for the peace of mind than anything else!

Read the entire Wedding Bee thread


“Its the DJ That Makes The Difference”

Hire a Party DJ / Wedding DJ & MC – Call for availability and custom rates

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Our incredible Wedding DJ Packages includes a Master of Ceremonies and a DJ/Music Programmer for the most complete and interactive experience. The absolute best way to assure the most memorable and fun Reception possible is to have two entertainers at your event.

The dynamic of two performers makes a tremendous difference in the energy and excitement of your celebration. With two performers, your Master of Ceremonies will have all of his attention focused on the details and flow of your Reception, while the DJ Assistant/Music Programmer will focus on your music, requests and program changes as only an expert DJ can.

For high quality DJ Entertainment, call 661.860.6856 for the most entertaining & dynamic team in southern California – Ask for Dan

Dan Seny, your Master of Ceremonies will coordinate the entire evening including the introductions and announcements for the Bridal Party Entrance, the Bride and Groom’s Grand Entrance, the Bride and Groom’s First Dance, Prayer, Toasts, Specialty Dances, Cake Cutting, Bouquet and Garter Ceremonies and any other formality you wish to include.

What makes a great wedding DJ?”

  • Listening to the clients wishes and needs
  • Planning and flawless execution
  • Great music that people love
  • Paying attention to every detail
  • Proper coordination with all of your other vendors
  • Entertainment with taste, style, and professionalism

Wedding DJ Packages


Your wedding day is a celebration of you and your love for one another. Because this is your day, we make sure that you remain the center of attention. Entertaining you and your guests with romantic and fun music, creating for you the most entertaining and the most enjoyable celebration.

A planning meeting is scheduled before the big day to go over every detail and special instruction. We will discuss your customized timeline, pronunciations of names, special dances, activities and announcements, and any other special instructions you may have in full detail, allowing you peace of mind to relax and enjoy your celebration.

Wedding DJ Packages

Dan will work closely with you and your Catering Manager, Photographer and Videographer to ensure that your Reception flows smoothly. Using an energetic and enthusiastic style of crowd motivation, your Wedding MC will keep all of your guests involved with popular dances and fun interactive activities. Your Wedding DJ is dedicated to expertly program and play your favorite music and take requests, if you wish.

Our State-of-the-Art Sound System will deliver perfect sound and our wireless microphones will allow your Toasts to be given from anywhere in the room. Energy and excitement will be created for your dance floor with our special effect lighting, keeping the dance floor alive the multi-color beams of light that dance to the beat of the music. Lighting is always included at no charge. Our complete coordination of details will assure you that your celebration is exactly the way you want it.


Wedding Reception Features:

  • Dan Seny – Master of Ceremonies/Interactive Entertainer
  • One Assistant Disc Jockey/Music Programmer
  • State-of-the-Art Sound System
  • Lighting System with Multi-Color Dance Lighting
  • Wireless Microphone
  • Lapel Mics
  • Cocktail/Dinner Hour Music: One hour of music before reception.
  • 4 Hours of Continuous Dance Music
  • Please call for a customized quote


Wedding Ceremony

For ceremonies at the Reception venue we can provide a second sound system set up with wired and wireless mics for the wedding officiant, vocalists and/ readings.

Music playback for your prelude, processional, and recessional

add $200


Day Of Wedding Coordinator

Need help in planning and organizing your wedding ceremony and/ reception? As a wedding MC, we have a unique perspective on the scheduling, announcements, introductions, dances, etc. and can assist the diy wedding planners.

  • Ensure proper flow of cocktail hour appetizers
  • Work with catering staff and have guests take their seats and join bride and groom for dinner at the end of cocktail hour
  • Locate bride and groom and instruct them to stay to the side of main dining room until they receive cue for their introduction and first dance
  • Cue DJ assistant when the majority of guests have found their tables and bride and groom are ready to be introduced
  • Cue DJ assistant, photographer, and videographer when important events take place at reception i.e. first dance, cake cutting, toasts and parent dances
  • Cue best man and father of the bride when they are about to be announced for toasts
  • Alert catering staff to pour champagne just before the toasts
  • Remain easily accessible through the entire event in case there are any details you would like attended to

add $250


Reception After-Party Packages

After an entire year of planning, you may not want the reception to end after 4 hours! For the couple that wishes to keep the party going, we offer; 

2-3 hour dance music packages

Karaoke Party

Please call for a customized quote


Favorite Add-Ons

Fog Effect Machine

Mirror Ball

Up-lighting for Room Color Wash 

Customized or Monogrammed Gobo Lighting

LCD projector, Screen and Computer for photo montage and custom slide show.


“Its the DJ That Makes The Difference”

Daniel Seny DJ Entertainment – 661-860-6856 –


Average Wedding Budget 

Wedding Expenses % 2011 Avg. Wedding Your Wedding Budget
Reception Site (Venue and Meals) 46% $11,624  
Music (Dinner Music and Dance) 8% $2,022  
Flowers 8% $2,022  
Attire 7% $1,769  
Photography 6% $1,516  
Videography 6% $1,516  
Stationary 4% $1,011  
Wedding Rings 4% $1,011  
Gifts 3% $758  
Decorations 3% $758  
Ceremony (Officiant, Music and Wedding License) 3% $758  
Transportation 2% $505  
  100% $24,307  















How to Plan Your Wedding



Imagine how you, as the Bride and Groom, want to be presented to your guests by your Wedding MC when you arrive at the reception along with your bridal party. You may choose formal introductions or less formal introductions. Here are a few ideas; 

Are you looking to hire a Wedding DJ for your ceremony or reception? Call for your complimentary consultation. 661.860.6856 Ask for Dan 

Wedding Reception Introductions

First and last name introductions or first name only introductions introductions and relationship to bride and groom short personal bio’s selected music for each group selected music for each couple Remember the Grand Entrance Introductions can be customized to fit your tastes and style. 

The Bridal Party Introductions and the order of arrival is usually announced by the wedding MC when the wedding party enters the reception area.

Here’s an  example of the order of a grand entrance; Grandparents of the bride Grandparents of the groom Flower girls Ring Bearer Parents of the bride Parents of the groom Bridesmaids and Ushers Maid of honor and Best man Bride and Groom to be announced as The Grand Entrance song makes an impression and statement to your guests that your reception has officially begun. The selected songs works very well as an upbeat style allowing the guests to make some noise, stand, clap and cheer as the bridal party enters the wedding venue. 

The Bride and Groom can have their own entrance song after the Bridal Party has been introduced or the Grand Entrance Song song can be replayed by the Wedding DJ. Keep in mind that a slow song can make the entrance more elegant but less exciting as opposed to an upbeat song which can be more fun & energetic. What ever song you choose, make sure it reflects your own style and it gives your guests an idea of the celebration, fun and dancing to come!



“Its the DJ That Makes The Difference”

Hire a Party DJ / Wedding DJ & MC – Call for availability and custom rates

Daniel Seny DJ Entertainment – 661-860-6856 –




Working in the wedding business in New York, one of the hardest parts of my job is telling couples who may call for information and tell me about their dream wedding, that their budget is not large enough to make their particular dream come true. The national average for wedding costs is somewhere around $27,000, but in a city like New York, that doesn’t get you very far. And, even in areas where that will buy you a very nice wedding, it is still a big chunk of change for the average couple or family.

Often, when couples start planning a wedding, the question soon becomes “Why are weddings so expensive?” This is typically followed by the thought “We could put a down payment on a house for this money.” And then, at some point, the question is asked, “Are they charging us more because they know that it’s a wedding!?”

Why Weddings Are So Expensive

I’m about to reveal a secret to you that isn’t widely discussed: the answer is yes. In seven of 10 cases you are being charged ever so slightly more because it’s a wedding. But, it’s not because you are suddenly “a mark” for markups. It’s because with a wedding comes a need to provide perfection (or something close to it), and perfection comes with a slightly higher price tag.

Let’s take for instance, a florist. On Tuesday, Mr. Flowers gets a call from Miss X, who is planning a fundraiser for her charity dinner of 150 guests. She lays out her needs to him: 15 centerpieces for the dinner and she cannot spend more than $4,000 including tax and delivery. She was thinking the color scheme would be all white. She has a personal aversion to lilies, but other than that, she’s open to his suggestions and is happy to take his input into how to get the most bang for her buck and make it look fabulous.

On Wednesday he gets a call from Miss Y, who heard from Miss X that he is a pleasure to work with. She is getting married in six months and would like to come in and meet with him about her reception flowers. She arrives with images from her Pinterest. She would like the centerpieces to contain blush garden roses, white hydrangea, pale pink peony and bit of sweet pea in pink and white. She explains her obsession with a certain mercury glass vase that she saw on a blog and would like the centerpieces to be in that same container. She’s anticipating 150 guests at the reception. Mr. Flowers tells her he will get her a proposal.

He contemplates the cost to him to create what the bride wants: he must build in the cost of obtaining those exact flowers that she requested, and build in enough room for both fluctuating flower prices AND his own profit. He doesn’t currently own the container the bride wants, so he prices out purchasing that container for use at her event. He also needs to add in bouquets for the bride and her bridesmaids. He knows he will have at least two more meetings with her between now and the wedding and will likely have to put together one or two sample arrangements, which are costly to him. Additionally, because the event is on a weekend AND he must pay his staff to return very late at night on a Saturday to clean up, he adds in that additional cost. His proposal to Miss Y comes in at $7,000.

Read the entire article

“Its the DJ That Makes The Difference”

Hire a Party DJ / Wedding DJ & MC – Call for availability and custom rates

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A Wedding MC has many duties and responsibilities to ensure the wedding reception events flow smoothly.

These duties include; 

1. Opening the wedding reception by welcoming the wedding guests.

2. Introducing yourself as the Wedding Master of Ceremonies for the reception.

3. Formally introducing the bride and groom’s parents to the wedding guests, ensuring that pronunciations of first and last names are correct.

4. Introducing the bridal party in the order they will be seated at the head table.

5. Creating an atmosphere of anticipation and announcing the entrance of the wedding couple with enthusiasm and applause.

6. Introducing the person who will say the blessing or grace prior to serving the main meal

7. Introducing each wedding guest before they give their wedding speech or wedding toast.

8. Giving the Wedding MC’s Wedding Speech if requested to do so.

9. Reading messages of congratulations from friends and relatives who were unable to attend the wedding. To add humor to the occasion, it’s acceptable to include several humorous “made up” telegrams (which are usually directed towards the groom).

10. Announcing the ceremonial cutting of the cake.

11. Informing the wedding guests that the throwing of the bouquet and garter are about to take place.

12. Announcing the commencement of the dancing.

13. Announcing the first dance by the bride and groom and inviting them to take to the dance floor.

14. Informing the wedding guests that the bride and groom will be leaving the reception shortly.

15. Officially ending the wedding reception, thanking the guests for attending, and wishing them a safe trip home.

The Wedding MC duties play an important role in ensuring the wedding reception runs smoothly, the wedding guests have an enjoyable time, and the bride and groom are left with a wonderful memory for years to come.


“Its the DJ That Makes The Difference”

Hire a Party DJ / Wedding DJ & MC – Call for availability and custom rates

Daniel Seny DJ Entertainment – 661-860-6856 –
















When hiring a southern California wedding planner, brides need to decide on a full-service wedding planner or a wedding day coordinator, either way, a professional wedding/event planner will help the bride create a memorable, unique and stress free wedding 

Selecting a date and preparing an event timeline is the first order of business for the bride and groom. Once selected, now you and your wedding planner will work backwards to be certain that all the bases are covered, nothing is forgotten and everything is on schedule.  

After selecting a venue, deciding on the DJ entertainment, emcees, photographers and videographers is next. These vendors are in demand so book early to reserve your preferred professional.  Your wedding planner will be able to create a list of wedding DJs, photographers and videographers that are the perfect fit for your special day!

Here a list of wedding planners and special event planning websites;


Featured Wedding Planners

Events TaylorMade  714-657-8845 – Erin 
Entertaining As Always! Weddings & Events 951-530-3507 – Gretchen
Pure Delight Weddings
714-418-7434 – Kristie
Flawless Functions 805-995-1205 – Jennifer



Wedding Planners for Southern California

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Chic Ambiance Events
Considerate Done Event Design
DNT Elite Events
East West Event Productions
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 Gatherings by Stacie
Haber Event Group
Ida Gardner Events
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Just Wenderful
Knopfs Finest Event Design
Kristeen LaBrot Events
Lisa Kahn Events events
Lumiani Events
ME Events and Design
Mele Amore Events
Moments of Magic
NOZZA – An Event Planning Studio
One Darling Day
Orange Blossom Special Events
Party and Be Married
Paso Weddings
Pure Delight Weddings
Rebel Belle Weddings
Rivera Wedding & Event Planning
Serenity Events
Sharibella Events
Shine Wedding Events
Silver Charm Events
Simply Radiant Events
Socialite Event Productions
Stacy Porras Wedding Consulting
Taken by Surprise Events
TinaMolina Events
Unique Royale Wedding & Event Planner
Wedding Jeannie
Weddings With Insight
White Orchid Productions
Your Day 2 Remember













































“Its the DJ That Makes The Difference”

Hire a Party DJ / Wedding DJ & MC – Call for availability and custom rates

Daniel Seny DJ Entertainment – 661-860-6856 –










Wedding Ceremonies Provided By The AV Wedding Chapel
“Welcome to AV Wedding ChapelSay “I DO” at our romantic Wedding Chapel

Getting married? Ready to pledge your heart to that special someone for the rest of your life? No longer is there a need to drive to Las Vegas, or even drive down to Los Angeles. Now you can say “I Do” at Antelope Valley’s only Wedding Chapel, “The Pink Chapel” located in the heart of Lancaster, CA.

If you don’t have a large budget for your special day, AV Wedding Chapel has a special package that’s priced, just for your budget. If you’re looking for something simple, but meaningful. Our ministers can marry you for as little as $175.00, and if you want the complete wedding ceremony, AV Wedding Chapel offers their deluxe ceremony for only $290.00. We have Civil & Religious packages to meet all your needs.”

Kendall & Connie Magruder, Ministers 661.206.9845



“Its the DJ That Makes The Difference”

Hire a Party DJ / Wedding DJ & MC – Call for availability and custom rates

Daniel Seny DJ Entertainment – 661-860-6856 –


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